Danielle’s Surprise Bridal Shower

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This past Sunday was such a special day! A while back a friend of mine let me in on the news that she would be throwing a surprise bridal shower for Danielle, an amazing woman I have come to know at Lifeworx, the crossfit gym I workout at.

Normally I wouldn’t be jumping at the chance to socialize in a room full of 15+ women but all these ladies I have come to know through Lifeworx are supportive, encouraging, funny, and have given me new perspective on friendship and community. I was also told it was going to be a paleo dessert bar which was a huge incentive to put on real clothes (leaving my lululemon pants at home…sniffle!) and go have a good time with my friend dark chocolate!

As Sunday approached I thought it might be time to dust off my camera (that I spent a small fortune on) and start shooting again. It’s so easy when I’m not behind the lens to doubt my creativity or talent and look at every photo #Instagram post with envy but really it’s about the experience and how awesome it feels to freeze time and capture something happening that if not for that shot would be completely lost.

My friend had totally outdone herself decorating her beautiful home in honor of the future bride and I couldn’t get enough of the couples sweet pictures! I love it when chemistry between two people is so tangible and evident.

Everything was delicious of course, and I even got to sneak some leftovers for the hubs! We ate, laughed, celebrated (even the puppy participated in the festivities!) and my beautiful friend Danielle was radiant through the whole thing.

I can’t wait to capture more moments like this . With such a fun group of gals my job was pretty easy!


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