Rose Garden


I had so much fun snapping some shots with my camera the other day on our walk to the Rose Garden. My Hubs was nice enough to join me and Keira girl and we even managed to bring daisy (our energetic Boxer mix) along. Daisy is usually out of control on the leash but did sooooo fabulous with the jogging stroller! She stayed right next to her sis Keira and for a minute I thought “Who’s dog is this?!”
The Rose Garden is only about a mile from where we currently live which I had no idea about (Can you say “new daily walking route”!!!) until the other day. It’s stunning. There aren’t any roses on the bushes or plants yet but there was a ton of green grass and huge old trees which is my kind of place. It has a small little fountain in the middle, too which all the lil’ kiddos seemed to be really fond of. I can’t wait until Keira is old enough to understand and enjoy being outside like her momma.
I had trouble picking just a few shots to post. My favorite is the one with the lil’ bee pollinating the flowers and going about his business! Did you guys catch the huge amount of pollen our bee friend’s legs?!¬† I found this blossoming tree on our way home and snapped about 100 shots of it. The blossoms are so delicate and such a sweet shade of pink I couldn’t get enough.

I am so excited to continue working with my DSLR camera and learning all her functions. I admit that she really intimidates me most of the time (ok, all the time.) I am hoping with time and education I can really start to get the hang of fabulous ‘in camera’ shots. I love post processing but I like the idea of pictures that are as RAW as possible. There is something really special about capturing a moment that is not later manipulated by software or Photoshop (which seems to be all too normal this day in age.)
I have so much to learn but I can’t wait to keep working! When I get behind the lens there is something so special about it! Excited to keep capturing, snapping, and freezing those special moments in time!

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