This morning I had the absolute honor of doing my first Newborn session for my sweet Sister and her beautiful baby Mckenzie Rose. I could not get enough of this sweet baby girl and her adorable expressive personality! Her rosy cheeks and soft squishiness had me snapping like a mad woman (I regret nothing.) I can easily see how photographers get hooked on shooting newborns and I am just so anxious for another opportunity!


If you are in anyway connected with our family you know little Mckenzie was recently diagnosed with Trisomy 21 or Down Syndrome. This diagnosis came as a bit of a shock. My sister’s pregnancy was fairly smooth and we had no indication of any issues. Though my sister and her family are all still adjusting to life with this news and all it comes with (including different feeding as Mckenzie has a special G-tube and additional development needs) We are all so thrilled to have her out of the hospital NICU and home so she can bond with everyone and we can get to know her! She is already bringing so much joy and laughter!

I woke up really nervous about shooting a newborn. I did as much research as possible and decided I really just needed to get in there and DO IT. Friends…..It was fantastic. Little Kenzie was really sleepy as we started which worked out so great because Auntie (that’s me!) wanted to dress her up in every muslin, bow, prop, and blanket around. Lighting was actually not too bad either and I was able to work with the one large window my sister had in the baby’s room.

Once Kenzie woke up it was a whole different animal! I think she knew she was in front of a camera because her facial expressions were hysterical and almost seemed planned out.


Mckenzie has two older sisters, my other two nieces, and I can’t wait to take some sister shots in a possible future session. The girl has spunk and she is only 3 weeks old! In the mean time I will getting in as much Auntie snuggle time as possible!




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