An Afternoon Out


“Comparison is the thief of Joy” 

Theodore Roosevelt

Lately it has been so easy to compare myself and my photography to others. However I am determined to continue doing what I love. I know I may never make a sizeable income or have a large client base but I have to ask myself what really matters? It’s so easy to feel invisible, unimportant, less-than, ill-equipped…and the list goes on. We live in a world that measures worth and value by achievement, status, wealth, success… you get the idea. So if I lived by that philosophy I would be at the very bottom beneath a pile of young successful photography business owners who have all graduated from fine arts schools with degrees and who are making six figures and are well respected. Here is what I have to remind myself before I get stuck in that pit:  I LOVE taking pictures and I LOVE being behind the camera. I love capturing special moments! I know I have a voice and a perspective all my own when it comes to whatever God has gifted me with, it’s just a matter of nurturing that gift and helping it grow. My goal for this year is finding my Photography niche. One of the things I want to start with is being a minimalist ( <<< this would be one of the niches I think I can work) What I really enjoy is doing as little editing as possible and keeping photos as raw as they can be.

Remember when you couldn’t edit photos?! They literally took hours to develop and pick up or they shot right out of your camera on a glossy little piece of photo paper? Am I the only one who misses that? I miss looking at a picture and having no question in my mind I am looking at an actual ACCURATE depiction of whatever was shot. It’s not like that anymore is it friends? I want my photos to be different. Whether I am shooting newborns, engagements, maternity, or macro I don’t want to spend hours editing out “blemishes” or Photoshoping in backgrounds that weren’t even at the shoot (This is a big thing now days! I had no idea until I got into photography that people pay big bucks for someone who can Photoshop their newborn babe into meadows scenes or forest floors) I’m just gonna come out and say I think It’s weird and ridiculous. I love the idea of my photos being as “untouched” as possible. (Rant over)


Today was a gorgeous Sunday here in California and me and my sweet sis decided to meet up for a picnic lunch at one of our local spots. It ended up way cooler than both of us anticipated so I got my usual soup from Erik’s Deli Café (I’m obsessed with soup and will probably write a blog post dedicated to soup and all it’s wonderful comforting goodness)

Once lunch was finished we decided to go outside in the nicely landscaped area of the plaza for a while. This momma desperately needed a coffee so we headed to Starbucks first to grab some java goodness! It’s cookie season for the Girl Scouts and there were some sweet little ones out selling for their troop. I couldn’t pass up grabbing a couple boxes to go with my coffee and my sis and nieces jumped on board and grabbed some too. I was excited to try the S’mores cookie because I hadn’t tried them before! It was SUPER yummy and the perfect “coffee dippin” cookie!

I was really excited to get some more pictures of my sweet nieces! The two oldest girls are growing up so fast! It was so cool outside we all ended up packing it in within 15 fifteen minutes or so (can you say ‘California born?’) We will have to plan an actual photo session soon because these girls are just so photogenic! My middle niece hasn’t quite grasped the concept of a candid photo yet. Every time I turned toward her with the camera she would smile and wave or give a thumbs up. She is way too quick.

The day came to a close with a really nice evening walk with my sweet Keira babe. We walked our local neighborhood loop and got some great shots of a garden nearby that our neighbors diligently keep (I have a great appreciation for anyone who can garden because I can’t seem to keep plants alive.) I am not the best gardener but I LOVE gardens and flowers even more so. I could take 100 shots of the same flower! I think we tend to forget how much thought and creativity God puts into things like flowers and plants and that’s why I like capturing them in photos so much. It’s a way for me to acknowledge that I realize the effort that went into something so small and seemingly “simple” or “unimportant.”

I’m so excited to keep shooting and getting behind the camera. I think my photos and my creative view mean something and it’s a bit different from the rest of the photos out there (though that may seem like a stretch). I’m anxious to continue learning and growing. I’m excited to get feedback and move forward and see where I go with it all.



4 thoughts on “An Afternoon Out

  1. Gods garden is the most therapeutic thing on this planet. Wonderful words and pictures! Maybe you should try making a dark room and start developing your pics naturally. I know it’s a pain in the buttocks but the results could be your niche since no one does that anymore 😁 no matter what, just keep doing what you love and God will open the proper doors.

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