I’m super bias. This little bundle of adorable is quite possibly the cutest babe in the world. I say this because I spent 8 months growing her and saying I’m proud she’s mine just doesn’t begin to explain it.


I was so excited to get my sweet babe Keira in front of the camera this morning for 1 of 2 little sessions I have planned for her this spring. I’m so excited for the second mini Easter session we have coming up in April! (Look for our guest star: “bunny”)

Can I just say photographing a 3 month old is a challenge. I am sure all my mommas out there know exactly where I am at. She can’t quite sit up on her own yet (especially being a preemie, she is still developmentally behind just a wee bit) and isn’t crawling or rolling over…though I know she is well on her way! And she isn’t in that sweet “sleepy newborn” stage anymore (a photographers friend!) She’s in that awkward in between ‘lay like a wiggly slug’ stage.


The most challenging thing about my sweet girl is she HATES tummy time. I was able to snap about 3 frames before she insisted I put her back onto her back. She was such a trooper for me and sported the most adorable ruffle sleeve dress!
Grandma and Grandpa even got in on the session and made sure to make all the right noises to get her looking at the camera (also a major challenge with a 3 month old!)

I can’t get enough of this sweet lil face!




3 thoughts on “Keira

    1. She is such a joy! She has had reflux recently so that has been rough but really she is such an easy baby! I am more of a toddler gal so I cant wait until she is moving and shakin and chattin up a storm! Gran kiddos will be so much fun!

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