Keira’s Easter Mini and Serving


It took way longer than I thought to get this post up and going. Not just because life is busy and hectic but also because the first attempt at Keira’s Easter Mini session was a total BUST! About a week ago my sweet husband helped me set everything up, prep the room, stage props, attempt to get proper lighting, get Keira babe ready and… all went sooo wrong friends. The sun disappeared behind the clouds and wouldn’t come back, my baby girl was crying non-stop (she was diagnosed with reflux the following day) the shots weren’t framed correctly, and it just wasn’t working. It was so frustrating in the moment!

Looking back on it I see what a great learning opportunity it is. Things just don’t go as planned a lot (I know my fellow mommas can feel me on this one!) I am trying to learn that it is ok to be flexible, to shift a little bit, and to change directions (side note: this is challenging for a control freak like me. I always want to control ALL THE THINGS.)
Once we took care of our sweet girl and got her feeling better I decided to give it another shot. Again, my sweet husband helped me prep the room, held my light reflector (like a total stud), and was on “spit-up duty.” This session was GLORIOUS. The light was warm, glowing, and dreamy. Keira was her happy adorable self and wore her little gold tulle tutu that mommy loves so much! We even had several bunnies show up!
I am so excited to do some more mini sessions! And if any other little babes want to rock the gold tutu I am game!

It has already been a challenge trying not to get bogged down with the “business” side of this industry. Truly. Just being in it for a short while I have already noticed a tremendous amount of pressure to perform, be successful, book all the ‘clients’, be known, be the best, be important. I recently came across a post on Instagram by a photographer I follow Annamarie Akins  and she posted a quote from a book I have on “to buy” list:

“We do not change the world with might and power and creative strategies. We watch God change the world when we pray and abide and believe…The lie is this: if it isn’t big, it doesn’t matter. Then because we believe it, we make influence the goal rather than loving God and people with all of our gifts and life. If you make influence your goal, your heart will become consumed with what the world thinks. You’ll miss the Holy Spirit’s incredible work right in front of you…”Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life, to mind your own business and to work with your hands.” “May we desire to be helpful rather than important. May we seek to make God’s name great and not our own.”
“Nothing to Prove” -Jennie Allen

I also love the following “The lie is this: If it isn’t big, it doesn’t matter.” Can I just say I need this right now and maybe some other people do to? I feel like we have lost site of how valuable the act of service is in our culture. I want to believe and behave like service is a BIG DEAL. I want to go through this week thinking about how I can be helpful. Instead of checking on my Instagram likes, comments, Facebook messages, how many sessions I’ve booked, whether my ‘name’ is getting out there (<<< notice that is all about ME? yikes!) I’m going to be asking the Lord to help me search for small ways I can work with my hands and be helpful.
I’m excited to see what He does and what I find.



3 thoughts on “Keira’s Easter Mini and Serving

  1. You are so wonderful! What great words for my heart this morning. If it isn’t big it doesn’t matter.. the little things matter to God.

    Also I love the pics of Keira. The first one is adorbs! And your new graphics look legit!

    Love you


  2. I know we talked about this on Sunday at coffee… I think those words are such profound words for people like us that are in an industry and culture surrounded by competition and the unseen pressure to “Be Important”, “Be the best”, “Be Big” . It can begin to weigh heavy on the soul and distract us from God’s mission for us which is to serve and love others. I feel the constant war that waged between these two completely opposing viewpoints … I’ve never been able to put it into words so well as Jenny Allen. Since we talked my prayer and focus this week have been to strive to be helpful rather than important. I love that you shared this with me and with your bloggers.
    Love yah sis ❤️

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