Hunter & River


I had the amazing opportunity to do a spring session with these two little kiddos this past Sunday. A fellow photographer friend recommended this gorgeous park in downtown Saratoga and it was the perfect place to get some great shots of these little ones. Even with the little amount of rain we have had so far there was plenty of green!

Hunter was so excited to play at the park and he showed up in serious style friends. Sporting his Captain America sweater and Reebok Crossfit kicks he sped off to show me some of his ninja moves and brave the park draw bridge. Little River (7 months) is not quite as quick as her older brother Hunter (3 Years, almost 4) and I was able to snag a TON of shots of her!

We spent some time at the park before we headed over to a really great wooden stage off to the side. We laid out one of my favorite soft blankets (“the snuggle blanket” as I like to call it around the kiddos) and let River sit center stage in all her cuteness while Hunter ran circles around us. He did awesome and even did some “cheese!” shots for us next to his lil sis! We lost a lot of light behind the tall Saratoga trees but it didn’t faze Hunter or River and didn’t affect their bright spirits one bit!
Before we packed it in Mom, kiddos, and me headed back to the playground one last time to get in a few last-minute “slides” before the sun went down. Hunter managed to make a few great park pals before taking a last time down the slide and heading out.
I was so anxious to get these precious babes into a gallery that I had my camera importing pictures into my computer that night! I still feel so blessed that I get to capture precious memories like this for families. This is what it’s all about. What a blessed day we all had! Can’t wait for more!



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