Michael’s Challenge and Collaboration


I was so excited when Amanda Nicole (check out her incredible work HERE.) reached out to me for a collaboration on a social media challenge that has been going around. The #Michaelschallenge has been picking up speed fast on social media. Michael’s actually does a monthly challenge or project (many times in stores) involving their products and education then follows it up with some posts on social media. This is marketing genius! Not to long ago a photographer decided to skip into a Hobby Lobby and do a portrait session of sorts in the floral aisle. Hobby Lobby wasn’t to happy about this but Michaels Arts & Crafts stores heard about it and jumped at the opportunity to market their stores and get people talking! They have actually been encouraging photographers to take part! Read more HERE.

Once I did a little research and found that Michael’s Stores were encouraging the activity I decided to do a test run and shoot a little bit pre-session at a store right down the street from me. I headed over and the employees seemed to be on board!
Amanda and I were a little apprehensive because I don’t think either of us spend a significant amount of time in front of the camera (I consider myself pretty awkward!) I like being BEHIND the camera and chatting, gabbing about life, laughing, and just relaxing. The whole dynamic changes when you are the one in FRONT of the camera! What a great way to better understand my client experience!

Once we both got over our initial jitters things really started falling into place. Friends, if you need to get some gorgeous flowers for your house and like me have trouble keeping plants alive…Michael’s is your answer! I was shocked at how natural, and lifelike the flowers and greenery ended up looking! Even in a high-resolution image.
The purple flowers were some of my favorites because they were just so vibrant! I also just loved the greenery!

I thoroughly enjoyed myself! Amanda and I really discovered we are kindred spirits! We talked life, jobs, difficulties living in such an expensive area, dating, camera equipment (for way too long) small business, and self-love. We had one of those afternoons that you meet someone you feel you have known for half a lifetime.
It is so special being able to work with other creatives and collaborate! I love being able to see the world from a totally different perspective. My grandmother is a painter and an incredible artist I have always admired and still do. I remember a conversation we had when I was a girl about art. Why it is so special. That art is never wrong or right. That even mistakes are just growth or a way to see things differently. I LOVE that sentiment. I love looking at the tone and mood of the way another photographer edits their work and being able to appreciate the differences between our work because it causes people to feel different things.
I’m so excited to do some more collaborating in the future and grow as an artist and photographer. As intimidating and overwhelming as the industry can be it is also an incredible opportunity be uniquely me.



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