Big Problems, Bigger God


“Oh Lord my God, When I in awesome wonder,

Consider all the worlds thy hands have made;
I see the stars, I hear the rolling thunder,
Thy power throughout the universe displayed
Then Sings my soul, My savior God, to thee
How great Thou art, How great Thou art
Then Sings my soul, My savior God, to thee
How great Thou art, How great Thou art”

Tomorrow afternoon I will be laying in the tropical sunshine with my back pressed into a towel digging my feet into the warm Hawaiian sand. Sunglasses on and my cold iced coffee (with just a touch of almond milk) by my side I will lie there with my eyes closed and listen to the shushhhh of the tropical waves while I take in the smells of salty water and excessive amounts of sunscreen. This vacation has been on the books since last year right after I had our sweet Keira baby. I knew then that my husband and I needed some time away especially considering we didn’t get much of a honeymoon. (being in Law Enforcement work means you adjust and make certain sacrifices. We were able to stay in Monterey after our wedding for an additional 2 nights thanks to an amazingly generous Sergeant! But were really wanting that full week of newlywed time ; which we are getting in about 24hrs!)
These past months have been rapid fire difficult. 2018 is already a year of tremendous shock and challenge. Without going into a laundry list of details it seems like life is collapsing. This vacation is going to be a much-needed time of relaxation, rejuvenation, and recalibration. For me personally connecting with nature and the outdoors is the biggest way I can understand God’s power. The vast complexity of God’s creation and all he has designed seem to burst forth singing his praise. I want to hike mountains, swim in crystal clear waters, be surrounded by tropical eco systems, and immerse myself in what I know was so easily breathed into existence by my God.
I am hoping this vacation can be a reminder to me of how big a God I serve. I look before and see mountains too high to climb, medical diagnosis’ to devastating to overcome and too confusing to understand. I look before me and see financial and living situations that seem utterly IMPOSSIBLE to remedy (silicon valley friends I know you hear me on this!) and my heart is downcast. I look before me at my own medical condition and cringe at the thought of more pharmaceutical trial and error. I have been bringing my problems and devastation to God. Telling Him how BIG my pain is, how BIG my diagnosis is, how big CANCER diagnosis, or rent in the bay area are. My prayer and goal is to bring God to my problems… a ‘body guard’ of sorts to say “this is my GOD, look how BIG He is!”
This trip is my attempt at a reset button. I am going to survey the glory of God’s creation and say “problems, look at how Big my Jesus is, look what my God does.” My goal is to begin telling myself GOD CAN ___________.
I also recently saw a PSA by Annamarie Akins on her Instagram about an incredible book by Jennie Allen called “Nothing to Prove.” Hint’ Hint’ I have already downloaded and started reading this little gem. As I have started getting serious about photography I have noticed the amount of pressure I have been putting on myself to “be successful” or “make it big” has been growing by the day. Pressure to be IMPORTANT, be known, get  more likes, produce the best work, be competitive and more successful. Part of this is the amount of ads, commercials, social media content, and marketing that I am inundated with daily telling me to “BE BETTER.” Annamarie left this quote up on her Insta and its what convinced me to buy:

“We do not change the world with might and power and creative strategies. We watch GOD change the world when we PRAY and ABIDE and BELIEVE. The lie is this: If it isn’t BIG it doesn’t matter. Then because we believe it, we make influence the goal rather than loving God and people with all of our gifts and life. If you make influence your goal, your heart will become consumed with what the world thinks (can I get an amen?!) You’ll miss the Holy Spirit’s incredible work right in front of you …”Make it your life’s ambitious to lead a quiet life, to mind your own business and to work with your hands.” “May we desire to be helpful rather than important. May we seek to make God’s name great and not our own.”

Whoah…”If it isn’t big, it doesnt matter.” Friends there are so many times a day I believe this lie, and am still guilty of believing it! I know I have shared this quote before but It is still one I am medidating on.
As we gear up and head to the airport tomorrow I can’t help but think how perfect God’s timing is in all this. How much he knew we would need a vacation at this exact time in our lives. For me spiritually, I desperately need a refresher and a reminder of how big my creator is and how capable He is.
We have so many awesome things planned for this trip that I just cannot wait to tell you all about! Here is my short list for you all:

-Catamaran Ride with delicious cocktails (I want an umbrella in mine!)
-Kualoa Ranch Movie Tour (Yes, I get to see where they filmed all the movies/shows including LOST…I will be watching for polar bears.
-Hiking Diamond Head! (camera by my side the whole way!)
-Possible Photography session with my amazing gal Dana Arnold (Check out her work!)
– food truck goodness! (my hubby needs his shrimp!)
-Nothing….for like a day, abso-lute-ley nothing.
-Steak Dinner at Duke’s at Sunset compliments of my awesome family as a belated birthday gift!
-Shopping at the markets!

My incredible and sweet husband has NEVER been to hawaii or tropics before so my job is to document every joyous wonderful moment for him. I am so excited to get on that plane and take some deep breaths and escape for just a little bit.
What about you all? Are there some things you need escaping from or that God is doing in your life right now? I’de love to hear about your giants and how God has tackled them in the past.
Can’t wait to get back and download all the good things. Until then have a great week!


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